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The Healthy Lifestyle Kit™ The Healthy Lifestyle Kit™

Packed with everything you need to remotely care for and monitor your patients' Health and Wellness, the Healthy Lifestyle Kit™ can be used with any plan on the BodySite platform.

Use the Healthy Lifestyle Kit™ to give better care to your patients with Diabetes, Chronic Illness, or any other illness or lifestyle goal.

Use our default Healthy Lifestyle Roadmap plan that covers general health and wellness for every patient or any other digital program from our library or yours.

Depending on your practice type, you can resell the Healthy Lifestyle Kit as a cash-based offering to manage things like obesity, hypertension, diabetes, or overall wellness and weight management.

Thanks to new CPT codes released by Medicare, your practice may be able to earn approximately $1,500 per year for every patient that takes home the Healthy Lifestyle Kit.

What's Included:

  • Innotech Digital Scale
  • Fitbit Inspire Fitness Tracker 
  • Withings Blood Pressure Cuff 
  • Water Bottle
  • Protein Shaker
  • Exercise Band
  • Measuring Tape
  • Printed guides on getting started with the Kit 

Use of the Healthy Lifestyle Kit requires that you maintain a subscription to the BodySite platform in order to facilitate the digital component of the kit and to monitor tracking. The unit price includes shipping to the 48 continental states.

Refunds & Return Policy

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