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Weight Loss in a Box™ Weight Loss in a Box™
Effortlessly add a new revenue stream to your practice this week by adding a turnkey weight loss program in your practice. Normally $199. Only available in the continental US states. Please send an email if you need to order to Hawaii or outside of the US.  

We created the Weight Loss in a Box program for you so that you and your staff have everything you need to succeed - right “out of the box.”  You can buy this from us, list this for sale on your website and social media in 5 minutes and make a good return on your investment immediately. At a time when seeing patients in person is difficult or impossible, a remote care solution like Weight Loss in a Box™ is the solution you need to help patients and keep revenue flowing.  

Weight Loss in a Box™ includes:

  • Remote connected scale that connects to the digital platform
  • Patient-facing digital Weight Loss Roadmap™ Program
  • Printed and bound Weight Loss Roadmap Manual
  • Protein shaker for meal replacements
  • Water bottle for hydration
  • Exercise band
  • The powerful but easy to use BodySite platform app for iPhone and Android
  • Advertising, marketing and sales tools
  • Pricing and sales frameworks to make this all come together seamlessly and profitably right out of the box.
  • Supplements NOT included.
  • FREE SHIPPING on all orders within the 48 continental U.S. states
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